Brake Repair

Brake Repair

Do I Need Brake Pads or shoes?
Stop by any Driver’s Edge location and we will quickly tell you.
To check yourself, try this:
Look thru your rim and if you see a shiny surface you probably need brake pads. The brake pads may also be visible to the naked eye without removing the tire.

If you look thru the rim and you see drum which is black or rusty than you will likely need brake shoes. The Brake Drum will not be shiny.
Brake shoes go on the inside of the brake drum, and the brake pads squeeze the shiny disc to bring to a stop.

If you need Brake Pads or Brake Shoes Driver’s edge is here to help.

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Below are some of the many auto repair services we offer:

  • FREE Loaner Cars
  • FREE Shuttle Service
  • General Auto Repair & Maintenance
  • Transmission Repair & Replacement
  • Manufacturer Recommended Service
  • Brake Repair and Replacement
  • Air Conditioning A/C Repair
  • Steering and Suspension Work
  • Fuel System Repair
  • Exhaust System Repair
  • Engine Cooling System Maintenance
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Starting and Charging Repair
  • CV Axles
  • Computer Diagnostic Testing
  • Vehicle Preventative Maintenance
  • State Emissions Inspection
  • Emission Repair Facility
  • Tune Up
  • Oil Change
  • Brake Job / Brake Service
  • Engine Cooling System Flush & Repair

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